Do you provide an Alteration Service for Masonic Regalia?

We provide a service to alter members aprons to Worshipful Master's aprons but it is often preferred to purchase a new apron and sell or pass on the old one. 

However, for promotions to Grand Rank it is more cost effective to have a new skin and apron badge fitted than to purchase new, thereby allowing you to sell on the old one as second hand.
The collar and 
collarette jewel will, of course, have to be replaced. 

 Provincial and District promotions, generally, require just the replacement of the apron badge as well as the collar and collarette jewel.

This service applies not only to Craft regalia but to Royal Arch regalia and others. 

 Please email us for advice and a quotation. We are here to help!

Are you able to supply Special Sizes?

 We are able to provided non standard sizes for various items of regalia and are only too pleased to provide details. Just email your query to us and we will give all the assistance we can.

The "Shop" details which sizes are available, against a particular product, and you may have a choice to select from.

On occasions we ask for height and chest measurement such as for Knight Templar regalia.

Our aim is to provide you with the regalia you require from the start. If you do not see what you require - please contact us!