Written in Stone by Richard Cassaro

Written in Stone by Richard Cassaro
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Have you always had a suspicion that behind the many traditions across the globe there lies an underlying truth?

That a lost universal religion was practiced globally in antiquity?

For those with the eyes to see, certain evidence of this universal truth lies hidden in plain view, memorialised in pyramids and temple architecture worldwide.

Its wisdom is still visible in ancient ruins, and has been perpetuated in Freemasonry and other western secret societies, who kept the traditions encoded in their rituals.

As times changed new forces started to guide the spiritual traditions and the Freemasons began to fear that their secrets may one day be forgotten. The builders of Europe and America's grandest structures (their cathedrals, castles and state buildings), wisely encoded their wisdom into the architecture of their constructions, where it remains concealed today.

It's said that that a picture says a 1000 words. . . .

Up until now this idea has been the subject of speculation, but, in this landmark publication, Richard Cassaro lays out conclusive, undisputable, photographic evidence demonstrating clearly the underlying truth behind all religions and spiritual movements around the world. By travelling the world and painstakingly recording and matching church architecture with ancient temple design, Richard Cassaro shows the underlying principles of the Universal Religion, which is the root wisdom of the Masonic Fraternity and the perpetuation of a life-changing ancient science. A lifetime's work, every page of this tome contains striking insights and comparisons, leaving the reader convinced without a doubt, there is but one path.

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