Things to Do When You Have Nothing to Do by David West

Things to Do When You Have Nothing to Do by David West
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Never Be Without a Candidate Again!

Based on the experiences of a normal, private, provincial lodge which now initiates four candidates a year - and still has a waiting list - this book will:

Bring in candidates
Create a happy, exciting lodge environment
Dramatically increases lodge attendance
Involve everyone
Make your lodge the talk of your Province, State or District
Let go of old, ineffective strategies; adopt a revolutionary new approach to membership, recruitment and retention; promote your lodge online; find those candidates who are already looking for you.
This is what they say of the author's lodge:
Your lodge always seems to be doing things away from the usual run of the mill ... such a pleasure to visit your vibrant lodge ... we had
entertainment and advancement in Masonic knowledge in equal measure ... I would never have thought it possible for a triple initiation to
work so well ... just like a ballet with each movement ensuring that all three initiates had a personal involvement at all times ... this
was something special ... a terrific evening ... my guests said they had never seen anything like it ... really enjoyed it ... a resounding
success by any standards ... thank you for enabling me to attend such a fantastic meeting ... What a good night! ... a truly wonderful meeting.


Paperback: 202 pages
ISBN-10: 0992857201
ISBN-13: 978-0992857202
Product Dimensions: 22.9 x 15.3 x 1 cm

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